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Build Resilience in a challenging time

During challenging times, it can be difficult to focus on providing yourself with the self-care and wellness habits you need to stay healthy.

The Rewired Program will give you the foundation you need to establish self-care habits and rituals in your life. Together, we'll explore what self-care is as well as the importance of boundaries, authenticity, honesty, and more.

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Get tools and one-on-one support as you adjust to your "new normal."

Erica Spiegelman Rewired Programs

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$295 Includes all topics + a Private session with Erica

About The Rewired Program

Want to better understand self-care and how to create healthier habits as you navigate a new reality?

Learn the basics of self care and increase your emotional awareness, with The Rewired Program. This in-depth, interactive program will give you the practical information and tips you need to rewire your brain and change your habits, while connecting you with the inner strength you need to stay centered and focused.

We'll explore topics including: authenticity, honesty, love, self-care (physical, emotional, spiritual), boundaries, sleep, nutrition, fitness, technology, communication and relationships, and evolution.

You'll receive interactive exercises to reinforce what we've learned, as well as journal prompts to encourage self-reflection. You will also have the option to join a private Facebook group that will offer opportunities for further discussion and support along your journey.

During this four-week program, you'll also a private 45-minute sessions with Erica.

That's just $295 for an interactive program, including all lessons, and a private session with Erica.

About Erica Spiegelman

Author, addiction and wellness specialist, and motivational speaker

Erica Spiegelman works with individuals, couples, and families on personal growth and overall wellness.

Erica is the author of Rewired: A Bold New Approach to Addiction & Recovery (2015), the Rewired Workbook (2017), and the Rewired Coloring Book(2017), all published by Hatherleigh Press.

In 2018, Hatherleigh Press published The Rewired Life, which provides people with practical ways to rewire their brains, change their habits, and achieve their goals.

Erica holds a bachelor’s degree in literature from the University of Arizona and is a California State Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor (CADAC)-II from UCLA. A regular contributor to online health outlets, TV news shows, and host of “Rewired Radio” on RadioMD, Erica also writes for health and wellness blogs.

Through her work, writing, and media appearances, Erica is dedicated to touching and changing as many lives as possible.

Erica Spiegelman Rewired Programs

Get tools and support as you adjust to your "new normal," from The Rewired Program

Rolling Enrollment: Begin on your own schedule & work at your own pace!

That's just $295 for this interactive program, including all lessons, your one-on-one sessions with Erica, and opportunities to connect with group members to receive support and encouragement.

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Have questions about The Rewired Program? Send me a note, and I'm happy to answer questions or explain more about The Rewired Program. You can also visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

FREE Values Worksheet!

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“Core Values” refer to our fundamental beliefs as a person. Not everyone has the same core values, but everyone has them. We simply cannot live an authentic life if we don’t understand our core values and make a concerted effort to live in harmony with them.

Download a FREE values worksheet to learn about your core values and how they relate to your authentic self.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn More About The Rewired Program

1) How is The Rewired Program structured?
Each week, you will receive information about two key topics, as well as an interactive activity, journal prompt, and Facebook group discussion question related to each topic.

2) What topics are covered in The Rewired Program?
We will explore authenticity, honesty, love, self-care (physical, emotional, spiritual), boundaries, sleep, nutrition, fitness, technology, communication and relationships, and evolution.

3) When will I have my individual session?
Once the program begins, you can choose when to schedule your 45-minute, individual session, which we will conduct via phone or Skype.

Erica Spiegelman Rewired Programs

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